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About Me

My Story

I fell in love with Naturopathy in my early thirties after the need to balance my hormones which were causing havoc with my skin. Not happy with the answers I was receiving from mainstream medicine my research on hormonal imbalances and how to fix them naturally led me to study Naturopathy at AIAS and Southern Shcool of Natual Therapies in Melbourne from 2014 to 2018. Having also been diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder Sarcoidosis and Lymes disease I was extremely grateful that I had the skills and knowledge from my studies to treat these ailments without the need for pharmaceutical drugs that would only cause more damage and suppress symptoms instead of addressing the root causes. My autoimmune is no longer a problem and I have cleared the Lymes from my body. Whilst many clients come to me with a range of conditions I have special interests that lie with treating skin disorders, hormonal imbalances, autoimmune disease, and natural fertility. I became a mum at 39yrs of age after being told it was unlikely I would fall pregnant, I'm now a proud mum and loving life with my gorgeous little boy.

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My Purpose

Empower & Heal

Whilst modern medicine has achieved many amazing feats I feel we are often too eager to use this way of treatment as a shortcut to ridding our ailments. Allopathic medicine certainly can have some detrimental side effects which can impact your long term health.  My goal is to help clients understand that they can achieve great results with diet and lifestyle changes without the harsh side effects. 

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