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Learn what foods 
are right for you

A Natural Approach

Food Guidance & Counselling: Welcome

A tailored approach to suit your digestive needs

It's very easy to have information overload when trying to research what foods may be affecting your health, it's often the first thing I hear from my clients during a consult.  I tailor an eating protocol that's right for you through extensive research and knowledge of foods that may be affecting your health. Step by step guidance on elimination and reintroduction of foods throughout your treatment plan will be a relief on your digestive system helping you to heal from the inside out. With so many eating protocols out there to treat the 100's of ailments and autoimmune disease's it can be very confusing to choose the right one for you. Let me guide you to the right choice for your healing journey.



If you have ever wanted to do a fast but haven't committed due to not being able to eat anything? Then this is the program for you. FMD by Prolon is your new best friend, it replicates a water fast due to very low calorie intake and your body goes into a fasting state with all the wonderful benefits from a traditional fast but you still get to eat throughout the day. I highly recommend this program, I have completed it twice now and looking forward to the next one. Please book a 30 minute consult to see if this is right for you. Or if your already familiar with Prolon FMD then order your kit now.

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Healthy Salad

Salads and bowels are so versatile and fun

In our house a bowl is our go to meal, we always love mixing it up and there are endless options that are fun and definitely healthy for you. You can always change it up with textures, flavors,  hot and cold options or just keeping it simple as this image suggests. (Although I would probably still be hungry after eating this)

Natural Medicine

Spices, seeds, herbs and leaves

Apart from making our food taste great, spices, seeds, herbs and leaves all have great health benefits and are well known for their therapeutic actions such as anti-inflammatory, anti - carcinogenic, anti- rheumatic and digestive aids, to name a few, make sure you add some to every meal.


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